Volunteer at Weathervane

Whether you have theater experience or not, Weathervane is a great place to volunteer!

Most of our actors, designers, artists, crew members and hospitality staff are volunteers. Each year, over 400 individuals volunteer their time and talents.  We stage at least 10 productions plus several special events in the season. Don't just take our word for it.....here are some things volunteers have said about their experiences at Weathervane:

“Weathervane Playhouse is a remarkable theater with an extraordinary group of people; I couldn’t have asked for a better director and fellow cast members to work with for this project.” Keeya Chapman-Langford


“My first experience at Weathervane Playhouse was eleven years ago. I performed in two years of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ in 2004 and 2005. These productions were my first theatrical experiences out of high school and they helped to solidify that theatre would always be a part of my life.” Chris Simmons

“It really is my favorite place! So many wonderful people and memories!” Kaitlyn Harris


“I have met my best friends in shows at Weathervane. And that’s why I continue to audition, to work on sets, to work backstage. My Weathervane family is very important to me. It has been since my first production there almost fifteen years ago.” Meg Hopp


“Our family pretty quickly felt the embrace of what we now call our ‘Weathervane Family.’” Danielle Gruhler


“Truly one of the best ensembles I have worked with.” Scott Crim


“Thank you Akron Weathervane and the cast & crew of Clybourne Park for a wonderful and blessed experience to direct!!! Continue to take wings!!!" Jimmie Woody


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