Top 20 Volunteers

March 2018 Top 20 Volunteers

Thank you EVERYONE who contributed this month!


March Volunteers of the Month

Jason Bryan Maurer & Libby Merriman

370.5 Combined Hours!

Jason has been running around the roost doing everything from set construction, light design and anything else he can help with. Libby was again singing her heart out and acting up a storm on stage in another award worthy performance in It Shoulda Been You. Thank you both for all you do for our fellow volunteers and audiences!!!


The rest of the Top 20, recording a total of 1876 hours, in alphabetical order:

  • Chris Capron – Set Construction – It Shoulda Been You
  • Pam Costa – Prop Designer – It Shoulda Been You
  • Sue Davis – Lights/FoH – It Shoulda Been You
  • April Deming – Board of Trustees – Gala
  • Mary Kay Finn – Board of Trustees – Gala
  • Michael Gaffney – Actor – It Shoulda Been You
  • Dale Gilbert – Set Construction – It Shoulda Been You
  • Kenneth Hardman – Lights – Holes/It Shoulda Been You
  • Meg Hopp – Actor – Shoulda/Liaisons
  • Brian O. Jackson – Actor – It Shoulda Been You
  • Martha Kaltenbach – Stage Manager – Les Liaisons Dangerouses
  • Natalie Kern – Actor – Les Liaisons Dangerouses
  • Ayron Lord – Crew – It Shoulda Been You
  • Laura Niehaus – Actor – It Shoulda Been You
  • Jay Sigler – Actor – It Shoulda Been You
  • Cody Kilpatrick Steele – Actor – Les Liaisons Dangerouses
  • Tom Stephan – Actor – It Shoulda Been You
  • Chelsea Young – Actor – It Shoulda Been You


Previous Top Volunteers

2016-17 Season: Jared Sparks

August:  April Deming

September:  Brian O. Jackson

October:  Robbie Rush

November:  Casey Ha

December:  Jahlil Underwood

January:  Jason Maurer

February:  Owen Casino



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