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Sound Advice for Actors, mic technique for performers

November 8, 2014
Saturday, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Ages 15 and up

Sound outstanding with sound advice from your friendly sound engineer.  Actors, singers and speakers this is your challenge to “think geek” and improve the sound of your performance.  Whether you’re using a body mic, a handheld mic or being amplifies by a stage mic, YOU can help the sound engineer help you.  With a few tips and tricks on proximity, placement, how to handle your mic and performance techniques you can sound your personal best at every performance.  Join us at Weathervane Playhouse as Christopher Pepe, Owner of Clear Gold Audio and Professional Sound Engineer shares his sound advice with you!

Acting Techniques for Public Speakers

November 9, 2014
Sunday, 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Ages 18 and up

Motivational Speaker, Fight Director, Actor and Stage Director John Davis is a dynamic and engaging public speaker.  Learn how to use the stage skills of a performer to present your best self to your audience.  In this two hour workshop, you will learn to how to handle nervous energy, connect with your audience, get your point across clearly, remain calm, cool, and collected (or at least ACT like it), build self-confidence and use nonverbal cues, like posture, gestures and eye contact to support your speaking.  For your next speech or presentation -- stand out in a good way!

Introduction to Acting, Viewpoints

November 15, 2014
Saturday, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Ages 18 and up
Introduction to Acting Workshop through the Viewpoints Technique.  Appropriate for teachers working with a company of students, directors, beginning actors and those that have studied acting before.  A four week class will be offered in Viewpoints in Spring, 2015.
The Viewpoints is a technique of improvisation that grew out of the post-modern dance world. It was first articulated by choreographer Mary Overlie who broke down the two dominant issues performers deal with - time and space - into six categories. She called her approach the Six Viewpoints. Since that time, Artistic Director Anne Bogart and SITI Company have expanded her notions and adapted them for actors. The Viewpoints allows a group of actors to function together spontaneously and intuitively and to generate bold, theatrical work quickly. It develops flexibility, articulation, and strength in movement and makes ensemble playing really possible.
Instructor: Dane C.T. Leasure, MFA, SDC, SAC, SAF.



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