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Nearly 22,000 educators, students and their families participate in Weathervane theatre classes, performances, workshops and Youth Theater experiences each year!

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Partial-scholarship support is available for classes at Weathervane due to the generous support of Weathervane's Volunteer Guild. To apply, please fill out a scholarship application or call the Playhouse at (330) 836-2626 to request an application (via the mail). All scholarship requests must be received no later than two weeks prior to the start of class.

Letter from the Director of Education, 2014-2015

Welcome to another exciting season here at Weathervane!  At Weathervane, we teach the art that we love. As a reflection of life, Theatre encompasses every aspect of living. It allows each of us to walk the road in someone else’s shoes and shows us our own potential for failure and success. Because of this, Theatre is an extraordinary tool for understanding, growth and change. Our passion is to share this art with you and allow it to enlighten, challenge and change us all.

Theatre presents extraordinary options ~ Animals can talk, explorers can travel through time, and an invisible rabbit can be your best friend! At Weathervane, children learn to be excited about making choices. Here, there are no “wrong” answers ~ but every answer leads to a different outcome. Our Students must learn to examine their options, consider the consequence, decide on an action and experience the results! True knowledge comes from understanding, and studying theatre provides them with the possibility to learn first hand. As a group, they work to better understand themselves, their choices and the world around us all.

Weathervane’s continuing goal for the Education Program is to offer the opportunity for all students to explore, learn and grow through the art of theatre. The emphasis in our classes is on the process of creating excellent work. We inspire students to see that their options are truly endless, and encourage them to participate boldly and creatively in everything they do.

I invite you here, to be one of them. Come investigate ideas, pursue possibilities, think creatively and learn to see opportunities in every moment of life!

Melanie YC Pepe
Director of Education
Young Actor Series Producer

Teach at Weathervane

If you would like to apply for one of our part-time teaching positions, please complete our online application.  Thank you!


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This bus provides service to St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens and limited service to Litchfield Middle School, Firestone High School and Weathervane Lane.

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