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Project STAGE

Project STAGE (Students Through Acting Gain Education) is Weathervane's program of school-day, live theatrical performances to awaken, enliven and challenge the minds of students.  Thanks to the support of the Sisler McFawn Foundation, OMNOVA Solutions Foundation and the Ohio Arts Council, we are able to offer tickets to daytime performances at the rate of $6 per student!  This offer is available to school, scouts, summer camps and child care facilities.  We hope you and your students can join us for one of this season's performances:

Appropriate for ages 10 and older
Tuesday, March 1, 2016, at 10 a.m.
Tickets: $6 per student/teacher
Call our Box Office for tickets or information:  330-836-2626

After School Programs

How does it work?

  • Pick a class series or individual class

  • Register up to 18 students per class

  • Schedule one class or a series of classes

What does it cost?

  • Each class costs $75
  • Classes run 1 hour each

What is provided?

  • Weathervane provides standards-aligned curriculum
  • Weathervane provides all class materials
  • Weathervane provides trained instructors
  • Weathervane provides background checks for every instructor

How are costs covered?

  • If you charge each student $5 per class you will break even with 15 students enrolled.
  • If you charge each student $10 per class you will break even with 8 students enrolled, and make a profit of $105 per class at full enrollment.

Curriculum Available:

Intro to Theatre & Acting

Weathervane’s Introduction to Theatre & Acting curriculum introduces students to performing on stage.  This class covers theatre vocabulary, performance techniques and preparation exercises.  Students will share what they have learned through a performance for friends, family and/or peers at the end of this series!

Lessons available
Acting 101
Actor’s Voice
Character Workshop
Comic Timing
Costume Design
Dance for the Actor
Movement for the Actor
Public Speaking
Singing Technique
And much, much more!

Around the World

Using games, hands on activities and traditional crafts and music from other countries, Weathervane’s Around the World curriculum studies the lives and cultures of nations on every continent!

Lessons available
Native Americans in the United States
Puerto Rico

Time Travelers

Using theatre games, hands on activities and lots of imagination, Weathervane’s Time Traveler curriculum studies subjects and periods throughout history.
Lessons available: 1st – 3rd grade
What is a timeline?
Prehistory (Dinosaurs & fossils)
Pirates (Fun facts)
Ancient China (Traditional children’s games)
Ancient Rome (Innovations)
Vikings (Exploration)
Knights & Princesses (Etiquette)
Lessons available: 4th – 6th grade
What is a timeline?
The Dangers of Time Travel (Theories)
The Origins of Storytelling (Story structure)
Ancient Greek Theatre (550 to 220 B.C.)
Masquerade (15th Century)
Shakespeare (16th Century)
Ancient Egypt (3100 B.C. to 30 B.C.)
Ireland (17th Century)
Going into the Future

Superhero Training Camp

What kind of Superhero will you be?  Weathervane offers a character class on the superhero creation.  Design your own mask and cape!  Solve a mystery!  Defeat obstacles with your superpowers in challenges!  Create comic book pages!
What does it really take to be SUPER?  Find out in Superhero Training Camp!

Theatre is a Team Sport

Using cooperative activities and games, Weathervane’s Theatre is a Team Sport curriculum teaches students the three C’s:  communication, collaboration, and cooperation.  Students work on mutual respect, listening skills, active focus, and learn the advantages of teamwork!

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For more information about Education for Schools or to book a show call, Sarah Bailey, Director of Education at (330) 836-2626 Ext. 35.

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