Storytime with Hassan: Black History Month Celebration

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A Special Event!


  • Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019, at 10 a.m.

"Storytime with Hassan" — Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019"Storytime with Hassan:
Black History Month Celebration"

Storytime with Hassan celebrates Black History Month with one special performance!

Hassan Rogers, one of America’s favorite storytellers, creates fully dramatized African folktales featuring Anansi the Spider.

Sometimes Anansi is the teacher (and sometimes the student) and always remains a friendly spider with a lesson to teach — and a lesson to be learned.

What is Storytime with Hassan?

Storytime with Hassan is theater through participation that meets early-learning development and state education standards. It engages students, from toddlers to school age, in life sciences, gross motor skills, counting and memorization to rhythm and movement, just to name a few learning experiences.

Through Storytime with Hassan, the audience becomes an actual facet of the story. With one sweep of the storyteller's hand, all the hundreds of little feet suddenly become one of the many migrating herds along the Serengeti. Young learners can imagine themselves in a river in Alaska, with a bear, as they catch salmon leaping upstream. As a result, students find themselves involved in cooperative learning and a fantastical expedition in geography.

Master storyteller Hassan Rogers is a modern-day griot — which, according to Wikipedia, is defined as "a West African historian, storyteller, praise singer, poet, or musician. The griot is a repository of oral tradition and is often seen as a leader due to his or her position as an advisor to royal personages. As a result of the former of these two functions, they are sometimes called a bard."

The Storytime with Hassan experience can be a valuable curriculum supplement for meeting children’s English and/or language-arts needs.

Educators' Testimonials about the Show

“The students in my classroom were mesmerized, and so was I! If I could only bring in one, resource specialist, it would be Storytime with Hassan. We look forward to his visit every week.” — Shaundallah Carter, Teacher, in the East Cleveland school district.

“Exciting, entertaining, enriching, when Hassan performs, the students and teachers are in the palm of his hand.” — Mrs. Eileen Hickerson, retired teacher, Oberlin, Ohio

“I’ve been client of Storytime with Hassan since 2008. Hassan’s ability to engage with the young learner is like nothing I’ve ever seen. If you have a chance to book him, do it!” — Robin Hicks, Owner/Operator, Heights Room to Grow, Cleveland Heights

“If you only have budget for one special, and you want the biggest bang for your buck, call Hassan – His folktales and performance are worth it!” — Gloria Chambers, The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland.

“I’ve marveled at Hassan’s way with children for more than a decade. He somehow manages to build students cognitive awareness, large motor skills, socialization and creativity all in one, fun, high-energy session. Amazing!” — Marketi Robinson, East End Settlement House in Cleveland


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"Hassan Rogers"In 1991, Hassan Rogers began his work with children in the East Cleveland School District’s early childhood/special education program. Hassan’s desire to help unlock the creative potential in children led him to join Karamu House’s Drama/Theatre for Youth (DTY) project. An educational theater-outreach initiative that began in 1992, DTY garnered the Ann Flagg Award for Excellence in Arts Education during Hassan’s first season with Karamu.

During his time with Karamu, Hassan showed his breadth and depth as an actor, gaining acclaim as a powerful presence on stage. Storytime with Hassan was launched in 1993. This touring, interactive storytelling production was designed to provide unique Language Arts curriculum supplements and performances. Some 25 years later, Storytime with Hassan has toured to 10 school districts in three states, impacting over 200,000 children and adults to discover the magic that happens in the classroom and on stage.

In 1999, Hassan won a national playwrights' competition for his autobiographical play, Mrs. Rogers’ Back Porch. The critically acclaimed production featured Hassan in multiple capacities: writer, director and principal actor. That year, he began a 10-year guest directorship at Karamu House Theater, one of the nation’s oldest theatre companies. While pursuing his love of theater arts, he concurrently began to make a name for himself as a voice-over artist and segment producer in the world of sports journalism and broadcasting.

Hassan’s voice-character creations are heard worldwide on the internationally syndicated radio program Your Story Hour. Hassan’s most recent accomplishment is becoming a contributing writer for The Regal Media Group. Now, Hassan’s singular perspectives can be read worldwide.


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