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Youth Education

Weathervanes Core Classes

Weathervane's core class curriculum provides every student with exceptional, consistent, dramatic training.
All classes have been developed to meet the State academic benchmarks within the applied Fine Art.

Core class content includes:

  • The study of theatre
  • The roles and responsibilities of actors, directors, designers and technicians.
  • Stage movement skills including: facing the audience, “cheating out,” using the upstage hand and using body language to communicate thoughts and feelings of a character.
  • Vocal projection and diction techniques for speaking loudly and clearly.
  • Stage directions and theatre vocabulary.
  • Methods for working in an ensemble and working as a group to present a performance at the end of each session.
  • Memorization techniques.
  • Dramatic exploration and creative expression through improvisation games and/or script work.
  • Theater history and/or historical, cultural and social contexts of a specific time period.
  • Character study through comparisons of story situations and their relationships to real life experiences.



For those that plan far ahead, you can now register for the core classes we offer at Weathervane.  We will be ading special topic classes in August, and if you choose to register now you may transfer to one of these classes free of charge.  Fall Classes run September 20 to November 22, 2014.





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