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Volunteer of the Month

April 2014

Scott K. Davis

Scott — who donated 118 volunteer hours during the month of April — spent much of April rehearsing for his role as Robert of Vinnie in our production of Don't Dress for Dinner. Previously at Weathervane, he played Don Bowman in The Waverly Gallery, Clown 1 in The 39 Steps and the Rev. Lionel Toop in See How They Run. He has been acting since he was eight years old when he got the role of Jack in a production of Jack and the Beanstalk. Since then, he has appeared in more than 30 productions, both amateur and professional — and he toured Canada in the role of Guy Johnson in Dennis Hassell's Heart of Africa. He received his bachelor of arts degree in theater and psychology from Muskingum University, where he also worked as a costumer for the university's theater department.

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About Volunteering at Weathervane Playhouse

Weathervane Playhouse exists for and depends on the generosity and commitment of its volunteer base. There is never a fee associated with volunteering at Weathervane.

Our Weathervane Volunteer Guild does have a $25 yearly-dues fee, but that is used in part to support activities outside the daily happenings at Weathervane. (For instance, quarterly get-togethers.) However, additional fundraising income raised by the Weathervane Volunteer Guild helps to support the Playhouse's general-operating fund.

Joining the Volunteer Guild is voluntary and membership in it is not tied to volunteering during the Playhouse's regular production schedule.

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